Sunday, February 24, 2008

March Theme

Everyone let me know what category you would like for March. Vote by leaving a comment on this post!

Some of you have made suggestions for how to arrange the blog, and I'm taking them all into consideration. If I don't do something you have suggested, it is either because I don't know how and haven't yet figured out if it can be done, or because I haven't felt well and haven't gotten to it, not because I'm ignoring you!



Sandra said...

oh, maybe snacks I really want to post my Pico De Gallo recipe.

Or maybe favorite holiday dishes since March will have both St. Patrick's day and Easter this year.

tawnya said...

maybe drinks and sauces? I'm always on the look out to do more homemade sauces

E said...

I say we do favorite Haggis recipes. Can't get enough of that sheep intestine filled goodness!

ShazBraz said...

smart alek.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter to me, I'll put whatever you pick. :) Loretta